Dark Matter Tonight

Tonight I am doing another Dark Matter on INDIE Online. I am still broadcasting at 12am-2am PST tonight but we will be changing hours soon. Tonight Todd and Larissa will be joining me in the studio and we will embark upon another unyielding 2 hours of inappropriate live Internet radio.

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Indie Online

Good morning... Looks like my time over at Indie isn't quite over yet. Even though they have gone off the airwaves on our terrestrial radios they are still actively broadcasting on the Internet here. I will still be doing Dark Matter at midnight tonight... I will be joined in the studio by Echoes De Luxe, an up and coming band I played on the air several weeks ago. I don't know if we will still have phones. I will let you know as soon as I get in the studio. My hope is that we will have even more latitude online than we did before in terms of language content and programming. No FCC regulations, right?

Here is last night's Dark Matter.

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Indie... Gone

Well, as you many of you have mentioned, Indie is officially over and done with. This is final nail in the coffin of LA terrestrial radio as there is really nothing else on the dial worth listening to for an extended period of time. The remaining rock stations in this city are so drenched in corporate mediocrity... They will play any and all popular genres so they can sell ad space and ultimately stand for nothing in the process. It is a dark day for the up and coming artists in LA. I am going to start doing shows again on Spread Radio Live for the time being. As for the car, looks like I'll have to get that Sirius Satellite Radio Service after all! There is no way I'm gonna be a slave to the right side of my FM dial.

Here is the final Dark Matter on Indie 103.1FM.

Todd and I have also decided to part ways with ManiaTV. We will continue to shoot our pieces and make them available to you online, but we will no longer be connected with Mania. They might continue to stream the past episodes but there will be no new content. We had a blast doing shows over there and when we find a new home, we will certainly let you know.

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Dark Matter Tonight

Anyone see Bush's final press conference? Despite how poorly he performed as President and despite how many problems his administration has left this country with, (I'm not suggesting we look the other way by a long shot) it was hard for me on a "human" level to not sorta feel bad for the guy. He is obviously so broken and damaged and scarred, defensive and delusional... I know this isn't a popular opinion, but as I said... On a purely human level... When asked about his mistakes, he ALMOST appeared as though he was going to get with the honesty but then backed out at the last minute, calling obvious mistakes "disappointments". Sure the Mission Accomplished banner was incredibly stupid, but I don't think THAT was the biggest mistake. Certainly not the one to lead off with when asked about mistakes. In fact, I doubt that was even his personal call. I sure hope that slogans and signs aren't considered Presidential duties. With the mishandling of Katrina, his reflection was more about weather or not to land Air Force One in Louisiana or not... Huh? He did say some positive things about President Elect Obama... But when he launched into wishing him the respect his administration didn't receive, you could almost hear the ghost of another former President, "You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore, because, gentleman, this is my last press conference."

Moving right along... I had a great time in Vegas this weekend at the AVN Awards. I'm not sure when they will air on Showtime but I will let you know.

Tonight is an all new Dark matter on Indie 103.1 FM 12am-2am...

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Dark Matter

Last night's Dark Matter on Indie 103.1FM is available thanx to our friend Chase!

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Grace & Manners, Echoes De Luxe

Some of you may have heard Grace & Manners when they appeared on Dark Matter a couple of weeks ago. They have just released a new acoustic record and it is available for free download HERE. Feel free to download and enjoy. Grace & Manners is Dan Cleary's (my friend and guitar tech) band. They are a hard rock power trio but this record is a one take live acoustic recording of some of their songs. Another band you may wish to check into is Echoes De Luxe. They are currently looking for a drummer so if you are interested or have a recommendation, feel free to hit them up on their MySpace page. Listen for an in studio appearance from Echoes De Luxe on an upcoming Dark Matter.

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Fun With Words

Vegas Guest List: Melanie Treece + 1, Elizabeth Boggia + 1

"Dave Navarro, who became one of alternative rock's first guitar heroes with such notorious bands as Jane's Addiction and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, made a celebrity appearance at Primal Nightclub in Atlanta on New Year's Eve. Club co-owner, Greg Hicks had terse words with the uncooperative rock star who tried to avoid taking photos with fans at the club. The star did sign some of the the hard rock style venue's guitars before jetting over to the new W Hotel Midtown shortly after midnight. The star strangled a bottle of scotch while flirting with dozens of girls in the Hotel's Whiskey Park Bar which is owned by celebrity club owner, Randy Gerber. Not surprisingly, Navarro left the party with 3 girls, just as he did during his 2007 appearance at another Atlanta nightclub."

You gotta love the press. No need for the facts anymore, just write it and it comes across as fact. While I WAS at Primal for NYE, there were no terse words or avoiding anything. Took lots of pictures and had a great time. Now. This whole "strangling a bottle of scotch" thing isn't even a misunderstanding or an exaggeration. It's simply untrue. We all know how I am and if I was to get loaded, ever... It would be drugs and syringes and blood and horror with me locked in a bathroom somewhere. Not SCOTCH!!!! As for the dozens of girls I flirted with? I wouldn't say DOZENS! HAHA. In fact, I was with my date, hand in hand, the entire night. We didn't leave with three girls... And this whole leaving with three girls back in 2007? Well... Yeah... OK, maybe they got me there! As much as this kind of reporting does wonders for the myth and legend... I must admit, it sounds kinda good... The truth is that me and my date went back to the hotel bar for a while and then watched Saw V on pay per view in the room. Not right away, of course! ;) (Yup, that's right... I used a winky! What? What?)

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Sunday 10?

Vegas Guest List: Andy Cianciotto + 1, Verena Leitner + 1 (please let us know if you cannot attend so I can invite someone else)

Sunday 10?

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Next Wednesday the 7th we will not be live at Dark Matter on Indie 103.1FM. I know this for a fact cause I am headed into the studio today to pre-record the show. For those of you who missed the Christmas Eve show, it is available here. Our man Chase has had a few issues with recording the last couple of shows but he should be on it soon. Until then, they are available on the Indie site, but the quality isn't as good. I hope everybody had a great New Year's Eve... I had an amazing time in ATL and got the opportunity to say hello to some of you at the event. Next week is the AVN Awards in Vegas. Although I am not up for anything this year I will still be there on the carpet conducting interviews with my friend Kirsten Price, just like last year. Todd will be shooting as always and the actual broadcast should run on Showtime later in the year. On Friday the 9th, the night before the awards, I will be hosting a party at Tao with my adult entertainment boss, Tera Patrick. I'm sure I can squeak two names on the list if anyone wants to come. You know the drill... First two names at 6767.com in the comments. Later this year I will begin production on my second film. More to come on that.

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