New SpreadTV: The Best Of...

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Todd & Dave's Photo Shoot!

Relative Reailty - Photo Shoot with Dave & Todd

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ELA & 6-7

(The girl they sent down was very sweet and was just doing her job) Thank you everybody for the Birthday wishes on 6767 and on MySpace! My day was spent down at the Convention Center for EroticaLA as you know. Todd and I taped a few segments for an upcoming SpreadTV episode and I also took part in a tattoo contest where I acted as a judge. I also hung out at the Teravision booth for a while signing DVD covers and meeting the people. Overall we had a great day but when I sat down to speak to E!, it wasn't my shining moment! I would go so far as to say I was a little bitch and probably came across that way. My apologies to E! and the crew that came down to speak to me. I guess you can't always be "on"! I spoke to them briefly about how it seems that the media and blogs and tabloids have watered down the whole celebrity coverage thing to the point where there is no more mystique or magic when it comes to artists and their crafts. By covering the entertainment industry many outlets are also kind of ruining it. Who gives a fuck what Tom Cruise believes? I like the guy's movies. I dunno, I just remember a time before all of this when it was legitimately exciting when a picture or an album was released and the artist's personal life didn't over shadow the work. "Nevermind the film that so and so spent a year working on... Here he is at a supermarket with so and so... Are they sleeping together?" Ughhhh! Who cares?! I suppose that when I sat down to talk to E! I should have known better and it is my fault for expecting something else, so in this case I am to blame. To say that I became a little snappy would be an understatement. The girl they sent down was very sweet and was just doing her job. She had questions written down and even asked me about something I had typed here on my blog. Obviously she had done some research. Plus, even I am sometimes into that 'least common denominator' type of stuff... I just wasn't at the moment so if anyone has given out mixed signals it's me! HAHA

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New SpreadTV: Mary Carey, Daisy DeLaHoya, Mt. Helium

(I forgot to post this yesterday) Tonight is an all new SpreadTV featuring Mary Carey and Daisy DeLaHoya! Both are friends of mine and when it comes to interviewing friends, I have a lot of fun and latitude. The show is at 8pm PST on Also, this Saturday I am in the Indie studio with Matt Sorum on Camp Freddy Radio. The show was tapped yesterday as I am going to working at EroticaLA again this year. Todd and I will be down at the world's biggest porn convention with the Spread cameras catching all the porn magic! HAHA! Saturday happens to be my birthday and poor me... I have to work on my birthday. ;) I know... It is very rare that I will use an emoticon like that, but sometimes I just find myself getting sucked in by the masses.

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1. I was going to ask your opinions for real on anal sex after Spread at the Korean restaurant that caused so many giggles and controversy!

Well, as funny as that all was, I wasn't kidding... Personally, not into it on any level!

2. How awesome was it playing with Steve Isaacs in New York this past week?

It was incredible! It was as if no time had passed. Steve killed it. We need to get him back out to LA so we can do a Panic show somewhere for old time's sake.

3. My question is, how do you decide who you have on your show? Do they find you? Do you have a list you go down and invite?

We have a wish list of guests that we reach out to as well as a booker who will go after people we haven't thought of to be on the show. I also invite guests that I already know such as Margaret Cho, Mary Carey or Eric Avery.

4. Is sex better with porn stars or regular women?

Sex is kind of like pizza. No matter where you get it, it's pretty damn good. (Leave it to East coasters to get all bent about the pizza comment! Look... I don't give a fuck where it's from, you combine cheese, bread and tomato sauce... in any order... and I am in!)

5. What would you pick as your most memorable CF MAYhem moments??

L.A. Woman with Robby Krieger and Billy Idol was a highlight for me, musically speaking... But my most memorable moments were the times when I'd catch eyes with Billy or Donovan and we would just start laughing because we knew what each other was thinking.

Thursday on SpreadTV: Mary Carey and Daisy DeLaHoya

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What a month we have had! Our residency at the Roxy is officially closed out and to paraphrase what Mark McGrath said, "It's like when summer camp is over and you want to go home, but you know you are gonna miss the friends you have made." Thank you all for your support over what has been the best May of my life. I have been off-line for a while now, so if there are any questions to throw at me, now is the time. Also, don't forget to check out the latest Spread TV featuring Pauly Shore!

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